We flowered the About page with pretty writing, but here's where we'll get down and dirty about how exactly this project will be operated.



The photos that are donated will never be used in any way other than being printed and the prints being sold to benefit a charitable organization.  We will never allow any third party to use the photos for any reason whatsoever.  Those who purchase the prints do not have the right to make any type of any reproduction of the photo.



This is, hands down, the most important part of what we do and we want to make it clear what exactly is going to happen with your money.  When you purchase a photo, 100% of the net profit will go directly to the organization that was sponsored with that photo.  Net profit is the number that is left after the costs of 1) printing 2) shipping and 3) credit card processing fees.  We will be taking no part of this money for operational costs or anything associated with running this project.  Transparency is something we'll be taking very seriously and we will release any and all documentation showing the paper trail of the money.