Frequently Asked Questions


What is Donating Differently?

Check out About page!

Who is this project for exactly?

Donating Differently was created for three parties: creatives who want to use their passion and skill to make a difference, consumers who appreciate high-quality product while empowering positive change, and the beneficiaries of the various charities that are donated to.  This project is ideal for people who don’t necessarily have the funds to give, but have the talent to.

How do I know the money is going where you say it is?

After every release, we’ll be doing a recap of that week’s sales.  Here in the next few weeks we’ll be getting our blog up and running that we hope our supporters will follow.  On here we’ll be giving updates on what organizations we’re partnering withd and how much was raised for their cause by that week's sales.

I'm a photographer and want to submit work.  What's the process like?

Super easy!  We take care of everything on the logistic side.  We handle the printing, shipping, and the whole 9 yards.  All that you have to do is fill out the form here to start.

I'm with a charity and want to get involved.  What's that look like?

Awesome!  We've love to work with you.  You can find the form for that here.

What can I be doing right now to help?  I love the idea!

We’re glad you asked.  SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!  We need exposure!  We genuinely believe in what we’re doing, and we want others to as well.  Tweet us, tag us in your Instagram posts, email us!  Seriously, anything that can help get us out there is much appreciated.