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Donating Differently is a young idea born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The goal is to tie together two passions that rarely find themselves intertwined: photography and philanthropy.  We're a platform where photographers from around the world donate work, we both create and sell the prints, and proceeds go directly to charitable organizations. 

We haven't officially launched yet.  However, we have a few prints for sale here with the proceeds going to an awesome organization called charity: water.


Our future hopes for this endeavor go something like this:


Photographers work will go on sale for seven days to the general public. At the end of the week, our blog will be updated, showing how much money was raised for the different charities from the sales. All profit is then directed to the chosen organization, where it will serve to help others both here in the States and across the globe.



The goal is simple: to empower creatives and consumers alike to have a meaningful impact on the world around them. We hope to put quality art work in the hands of customers, all the while creating a legacy of charity and humanitarianism. Donating Differently’s aim is to provide a unique opportunity for a different avenue of giving. We hope to attract contributors whose money may be finding it's way to charity when it might not have under normal circumstances.  But we also hope to reward those who are consciously looking for a way to contribute. Donating Differently, true to the name, serves to help people donate differently.


Where We're Located: